Tornita KS2  

NPN operation. Standard Θ 9V. Daisy chainable

Big, thick, fuzz with good mids and vol knob cleanup

One of a kind hand carved / painted enclosure 

Crazy and controllable Feedback

Buzzers, Whistles, and Sirens, crackles, sputters oh my

Vol, Gain, Bias.

You like Switches do ya?

Germanium / Silicon transistor switch

Unique Feedback Gate switch, Loose/ Tight switch, Feedback Phase switch,

Momentary and latching Feedback foot switches 

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys

Lifetime bumper to bumper coverage

PTD shirt of your choosing

***Ships to US only***

The below are templates If a pedal is available, there will be a Ser # next to the title

Plexi-Kush Deluxe

Happy Clouds custom carve over sealed acid wash enclosure

Hi and Lo Plexi Pre-amps: So many uses for this circuit.

I love the Plexi pre's into a hot amp. Their overwhelming power kicks the shit out of your amp when cranked.

Equally as useful into a clean amp. Backed off they can be sweet as honey.

KushBooster, OD, Slave. Nothing takes a signal like Kush. Kush is the master volume when cranking the Plexi-pre's. Takes fuzz like no other. Is a great transparent and powerful clean booster.Does a nice Bassman-like overdrive that is great into any amp. The Deluxe features both High and Low EQ.

*US sales only is for the benefit of my customers.

My repair rate is miniscule. But if the need arose, I can resolve anything in a couple days. I also run into a lot of power issues overseas. Always the power supply. Use an isolated power supply only outside the US

Copper Penny Si4  

This is my protoype and the final design of the CPSi4

​Though it does have a bit more range in the bias

New condition

4 knob ultra dynamic discrete OD





Equally good at Boost, a hint of dirt, OD, Light Fuzziness 

Rock, Blues, Pop, all good.

Clean amp, dirty amp, stacking, loves em' all

You can get by with the CP for all your dirt needs on a gig.

I currently do with a clean amp to cover rock, country, pop 

Uncolored Silicon voice that will become part of your amp.

Battery and Θ adapter operation

Incredible volume knob cleanup that doesn't clean to fast or too bright.

Just right. set your gain level, then return to your stock Guitar / Amp sound by rolling off your volume. It will retain usable volume simultaneously.  Every tasty shade between too.

Acid hand finish with durable semi-gloss powder coat seal.

True Point to Point component to component construction.

Tour grade. Everything landed on the box. 

Gold actuator

1590B size

The Penny is great if you have some drive going at the amps

front end or like to stack drives and find "hiss" when rolling the volume knob off going into distortion / fuzz or hot amp.

Not the Penny. Silent.

Serious touch dynamics. No transistory artifacts, your sound.

*Transferable in the US only*  Lifetime bumper to bumper warranty. 1 on 1 service. Like forever man.

I'll be here, you just play from here on out     ;)

Ships immediately ( to US only ) Why? So you can have fast, secure, inexpensive service at any time. 


If images are blurry, please visit my PTD Facebook page for better resolution.

Classic Sola Germanium MKI Tone Bender. My way.

125B size 

True PTP. Component to component.

All 3 Tranny positions socketed

8V clean Octave up switch.

Fat switch

3 way Top Hi-cut switch

One of a kind "Mercury" hand finish with black powder sides

Daisy Chainable NPN

Standard 9V Θ or included battery

Lifetime transferable (within the US) warranty

Some kind of free swag crap

This baby is ill.  3 internal trimmers for controlling 3 important parameters. Easy to tune in with the pedal on it's face.

Easy I tell ya!   I will set it up to this tranny set. 3 Philips AC130

But this pedal has sockets for all 3 trannies as well.

ships to US only

Thank you for your patience!

Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art

​​Welcome to my Store!  Please scroll down to see available items.

Custom Germanium Bettadrive / Kaiju 

​Top, front, side, detail on this one

This is the current dirt section I run on my board too. Going into Tweed and Blackface circuit amps it covers a lot.

​Descriptions of individual circuits below.

Both being made with 50 - 400V amp components since I have em and can fit em in this one. Big stuff = Big sound right? Why not. New light touch Taiway 3PDT, Hammond 1590BB, fookin' expert precision at every turn and a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty.  (transferable in the US)                               


Ships to US only so you can have fast, service at any time  with no hassles.                           

Better pics coming asap

Rotobone Dual G 

The mighty "do it all dirt box"
Hand carved, blackened, sealed enclosure with Shag Carpet finish

Dual Ge/si switches:  New Si and Vintage 70's Germs. Philips AC130 / 2N404

New*   Hi /Lo Power switch  (cleaner Overdrive switch) pushes up mids. Great for going to a hot amp or other OD's with no fuzz hiss etc..... 

True point to point. Component to component construction. Every part graded.

Hammond 1590BB

Incredible dynamic cleanup at your guitar's volume knob

​6 way Rotary tunable Input and Output  (X and Y)

Clean boost / OD / Dist / Fuzz / Horn  

Low octaves on every string depending on X and Y settings

Oddball ring mod effects

***Please do not purchase if it will be a financial burden!***

​Or, do purchase and stop the search friend :)  that can save ya a lot too

Shipped priority with signature anywhere in the US

Lifetime transferable (within the US*)   Until one of us kicks the bucket  bumper to bumper warranty​ 

Ships to US only .   Why?  So you can have fast, secure, inexpensive service at any time.


 In the pre paid Que:​​​​


​MC Rotobone         in art

JW Rotobone std   on the bench

MC Kaiju Merc / Kaiju Kasai   Cut

​TA Rotobone Custom.   in art

BM Plexi-Kush Dual    in finish

GF Rotobone Merc Drilled





Please see my Pedals page for current models and pricing.

Thank you for the interest. It is truly a pleasure to serve you!

Want me to build ya something?  Easy.

Email me, (  tell me what you'd like, ( list of available builds in Pedals section) send me $, we're on our way. 

I get to everything in order. But it requires a lot patience. It's just me here and my style takes a lot of time.

​If you know what you want, I'm easy!  US sales only please. Thanks for understanding. I look forward to making you something unique.    -p

My Paypal link if you need it:

​Link and QR code below

Kaiju Kasai   (Great Monstar / Uncontrollable Fire)

KK is Si only (see top vid to the right) That one is pure Si

Great Fuzz

Great fuzz with clean blend

Great Feedback


Huge tasty Clean boost as well.

​Incredible Vol. knob clean up.

​It's a FREAK!

More general Kaiju detail below

Runs on standard Θ 9V 
Ships to the US only 

Lifetime warranty transferable in the US

More general Kaiju detail below ↓


In this tiny, board friendly package:

One of a kind custom happy clouds carve and powder seal 

Hi and Lo British Plexi channel Volumes

Great stand alone clean booster at low levels

Huge power boost, cut, crunch cranked up

Super charge another OD with Plexi power

​If you play a Vox, Marshall, Fender, Orange, Boogie and think nothing can

kick that front end in an articulate way, think again. New channel.

Diffused Blue LED that is great in sunlight, and just right indoors

Standard Θ 9V 

Lifetime warranty   (Transferable in the US only)

***Ships priority to US only***


Kaiju is a unique Fuzz Face type found in a 1967 Crybaby Wah / Fuzz my friend Pj asked me to replicate and is named / memorialized after his cat Kaiju. I liked it then and I really like it now since I've been playing / making 5e3 amps.

It has a hair / buzz / attack / release to it that reminds me of the Tone Bender MK 1 but as per usual, the Fface type is a perfect gigging instrument covering a wide variety of controllable, smooth gain between 10 and 7 on your vol knob. This is my favorite F. Face type and the only one to make my gig board in the last 15 years. The ingredients definitely matter.

Dead simple Volume and Ge / Si tranny switch

Internal trimmer for gain threshold as was the original. It is too touchy for a knob but set it to the exact degree of saturation you want and work you vol knob for all the glory F. Face types are known for. Low impedance output preserves highs and volume

Ge/Si Transistor switch 

​Brass lined cupcake knob

​Hammond 1590B

Mullard tropical fish

​1/2 watt carbon film and comp

Battery or standard Θ 9V 

Ships to the US only 

Lifetime warranty transferable in the US


Dynamic, discrete, unique Bias controlled Germanium OD


Gain​ (Bias) 

Boost, a hint of dirt, OD 

Neutral EQ with sweet midrange until you max the gain. Then it becomes very mid forward and vocal. 

Clean, Dirty amp, stacking, loves it all

Battery and Θ adapter operation

Incredible volume knob cleanup

True Point to Point component to component construction.

Tour grade. Everything landed on the box. 

1590B size


*Transferable in the US only*  Lifetime bumper to bumper warranty. 1 on 1 service. Like forever man.

I'll be here, you just play from here on out     ;)

Ships ( to US only ) Why? So you can have fast, secure, inexpensive service at any time.