Rotobone Dual G 
One - off hand carved and sealed enclosure

Dual Ge/si switches:  Vintage 70's Germs. TI2N404 / Philips AC130

Compression switch:    Bone Machine / Rotobone

True point to point. Component to component

Incredible guitar tone tool box

Lifetime ( till one of us kicks the bucket ) bumper to bumper warranty

PTD shirt of your choosing

Ships to US only  

Tornita KS2  

NPN operation. Standard Θ 9V. Daisy chainable

Big, thick, fuzz with good mids and vol knob cleanup

One of a kind,  wrap around, hand carved enclosure.  

Crazy and controllable Feedback

Buzzers, Whistles, and Sirens oh my

Vol, Gain, Bias.

You like Switches do ya?

Germanium / Silicon transistor switch

Unique Feedback Gate switch, Loose/ Tight switch, Feedback Phase switch,

Momentary and latching Feedback foot switches 

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys

Lifetime bumper to bumper coverage

PTD shirt of your choosing

Ships to US only

The below are templates If a pedal is available, there will be a Ser # next to the title

PTD Shirts     

*Free with every pedal purchase from here*

Since I have nothing to do with these they are readily available. More sizes, styles, coming soon.   


Men's Black T:        M, L, XL, XXL

Men's Black Tank      S, M, L, XL, XXL

No girl can resist pedal fashion right?

Woman's Black Racerback Tank:       S

16.00 + 5.00 S&H 

Currently ships to US only


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Copper Penny #18014

Equally good at Boost, a hint of dirt, OD, Light Fuzz

Rock, Blues, Pop, all good.

You can get by with the CP for all your dirt needs on a gig.

Ge / Si tranny switch for Q1. All 3 tranny positions socketed

So if you want two Si or two Ge on the switch, you could.

A small selection of both included.

Battery and Θ adapter operation

Incredible volume knob cleanup that doesn't clean to fast or too bright.

Just right. 

Hand carved, blackened and scraped hand finish with satin powder


Gold actuator

The Penny is great if you have some drive going at the amps

front end or like to stack drives and find "hiss" when rolling the volume knob off going into distortion / fuzz.

Not the Penny. Silent.

Serious touch dynamics.

Lifetime bumper to bumper warranty. 1 on 1 service. Like forever man.

Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art