It does everything great. 
Dynamic, real and touch sensitive. Like everything I make, it will only add to what you already love. 

Boost, overdrive, many shades of fuzz, octaves on all strings, ring mod, Trumpet, Trombone, French hornish, Oboe-like breathy synthy sounds, treble boost.

Pickups are a factor. P-90's and hum buckers result in powerful effects.

Dual Ge/si  tranny switches

Hi/Lo Power switch

Roll your volume back for great, natural spank and punchy edge no matter what the settings.

An incredible recording tool as well. The king of Bone pedals.


​Battery or Θ Adapter

Shown in Custom carve +100

Plexi-Kush Single


Clean boost / Overdrive

A very natural and powerful tone enhancer.

The gain takes it from clean boost to overdrive. Perfect for naturally driving a tube amp or giving a dark amp some jangle

Tone can add or subtract high end.  

​Mini toggle introduces the Plexi preamps


9V adapter only

Shown n standard hand finish

MK1.8V  Vintage germanium fuzz
True vintage sound with 3 fine additions:

8V switch.

When you are not using the 1.8V for it's glorious fuzz, flip the 8V switch and kick the pedal on for a dedicated Octave up. On it's own it's a pretty clean octave. Into any kind of boost, OD, dist or fuzz it takes off!

Fat switch:

Adds a nice modern girth and bounce to the bottom while retaining a tight focus.


The stock Mk1 is pretty crispy.  The pres. switch gives two levels of high end cut that you will appreciate into a clean amp or channel.

And works like this. cut 1 / stock / cut 2

1.8V is Socketed for tranny swapping 

The Bone Machine GTx

The Super mini-bone

Features the Gesi switch, Germanium /Silicon.

Great Fuzz, OD, Horn, low octaves, great tone.

Worth having for the OD alone!

Bore switch

Hi/Lo power switch

​Incredible cleanup

​125B size box


​Θ Adapter only

Shown in hand painted Old Map Mercury +60

Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art

Plexi-Kush Dual 

KUSH with The Plexi-Preamps

Discreet FET design

Wide range of gain

Authentic British Valve punch

Two awesome OD's team up for the best dirt pedal I've ever tasted


9V Θ Adapter  only

​Shown in Standard hand finish



Internal Gain

Internal Clean Power Blend

​Ge / Si Tranny switch

Incredible cleanup 

Θ Adapter only 


Shown in Mercury hand finish +60

mini-bone V3

The GTx without the Ge/Si switch

Great Fuzz, OD, Horn, low octaves, great tone.

All of the classic mini-bone tones and 

great improvements such as:

Rotary Input

Hi/Lo power switch

Bore switch replaces Bore knob

​Incredible cleanup

​1590B size box


​Θ Adapter only

Shown in standard finish "Black Rain"

Kaiju Kasai Big Box



Clean Power Blend

Feedback Blend

Feedback Phase switch

​Ge / Si Tranny switch

Incredible cleanup 

Θ Adapter only 


​Shown in Custom Carve. +100

​The Rotobone

Kaiju Kasai

(Great Monster, Uncontrollable Fire)



Clean Power Blend

Feedback Blend

Feedback Phase switch

​Internal Gain control

​All Silicon

Incredible cleanup 

Θ Adapter only 


Shown in Custom Carve. +100