It does everything great. 
Dynamic, real and touch sensitive. Like everything I make, it will only add to what you already love. 

Boost, overdrive, many shades of fuzz, octaves on all strings, ring mod, Trumpet, Trombone, French hornish, Oboe-like breathy synthy sounds, treble boost.Your Guitar and pickups play a part in the sounds you get. 

Pickups are a factor. P-90's and hum buckers result in the most powerful horn effects. Singles are great too!

Dual Ge/si  tranny switches

​1960's Philips AC130 and 1974 TI 2N404

Hi/Lo Power switch

Roll your volume back for great, natural spank and punchy edge no matter what the settings.

An incredible recording tool as well. The king of Bone pedals.

​Battery or Θ Adapter


Shown in Custom carve  (price varies on piece)

Kaiju Kasai 

Kaiju is a big Fuzz based on a circuitI found in a 1967-ish  Crybaby Wah fuzz. I gave it some modern features and fine tuned it into the only Face style I could love. 



Clean Power Blend

Feedback Blend

Feedback Phase switch

​Ge / Si Tranny switch

​using a 60's Philips AC130 germ

Incredible cleanup 

Standard chain-able power Θ Adapter only  



Kush is my JFET foundation for clean amps.

It has a black-face influence. I love that EQ for foundation 

Great at boosting level with no change in tone,  boosting or cutting highs, sweet light breakup - med overdrive that are definitely "amp-like"

Stack anything into it.  Like my Plexi-pre-amps) any Fuzz, Distortion, etc.... into Kush. It won't collapse, only add to what comes before it.

It's been on my board for over 10 years

Θ Adapter or 9V battery (installed)

Always $420.00

Kaiju Kasai

Burning Sensation


Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art



Plexi-Pre's 4 knob

A JFET recreation of the 1960's Plexi front end.

​A surprisingly great Dual engine non-inverting Booster / Overdrive for Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitars. 

Sway (blend) between Bright and Norm channels. 

Volume, Gain, Tone, Sway

Boost, light breakup, medium overdrive. All with great clarity and dynamic power.


Θ Adapter or 9V battery (installed)

Plexi-Kush Dual 

Redesign for 2023 comin!

KUSH Blackface Overdrive with Plexi-Preamps up front. 

Discreet FET design

Wide range of gain from the cleanest neutral boost to heavy ultra rich OD

Authentic British Valve punch

Two awesome OD's team up for the best dirt pedal I've ever tasted

9 - 12V Θ Adapter  only

​Shown in Standard "33 1/3 RPM" hand finish


MK1.8V  Vintage germanium fuzz
True vintage sound with 3 fine additions:

8V switch.

When you are not using the 1.8V for it's glorious fuzz, flip the 8V switch and kick the pedal on for a dedicated Octave up. On it's own it's a pretty clean octave. Into any kind of boost, OD, dist or fuzz it takes off!

Fat switch:

Adds a nice modern girth and bounce to the bottom while retaining a tight focus.


The stock Mk1 is pretty crispy.  The pres. switch gives two levels of high end cut that you will appreciate into a clean amp or channel.

And works like this. cut 1 / stock / cut 2

1.8V is Socketed for tranny swapping 

Burning Sensation

Volume: Lots

Gain: Lots

Tone: Lots

​More or Less switch. Backs off the BOOM

The Ultimate high gain all Germanium mutha f'r

It does medium and low gain very well too.

3 1960's Philips A/C130

​Distinct vintage germanium voice 

Daisychainable NPN

​If you want to cut a mix, here ya go.

 Warm natural Vol. knob cleanup 

Θ Adapter or 9V battery (installed)


​Shown in Mercury hand paint Now STANDARD equipment