The Rotobone joined with a Hi and Lo Plexi Pre-amps

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MK1.8V  Vintage germanium fuzz
True vintage sound with 3 fine additions:

8V switch.

When you are not using the 1.8V for it's glorious fuzz, flip the 8V switch and kick the pedal on for a dedicated Octave up. On it's own it's a pretty clean octave. Into any kind of boost, OD, dist or fuzz it takes off!

Fat switch:

Adds a nice modern girth and bounce to the bottom while retaining a tight focus.


The stock Mk1 is pretty crispy.  The pres. switch gives two levels of high end cut that you will appreciate into a clean amp or channel.

And works like this. cut 1 / stock / cut 2

1.8V is Socketed for tranny swapping 

Upgraded for 2016

Smooth sustain, beautiful fat fuzz  and  a serious dose of WTF!?

Bone MachineGTx


Tornita! KS2 (kitchen sink)

Slip into madness.  Now featuring a feedback gate switch and Gain control.

The Super mini-bone

Features the Gesi switch, Germanium /Silicon.

T (thin) switch. Adds an alternate thinner input setting.

Great Fuzz, OD, Horn, low octaves, great tone.

Worth having for the OD alone!


Boost, overdrive, many shades of fuzz, octaves on all strings, ring mod, Trumpet, Trombone, French horn, Oboe, breathy synthy sounds, treble boost, Gesi  tranny switch.

Roll your volume back for great, natural spank and punchy edge no matter what the settings.

The king of Bone pedals.

The Rotobone, GTX and mini work best with a clean amp. Best horn sounds come from p-90's and Humbuckers

Litte box, big sounds.
 w/ optional side Gesi switch

Shown in Black Tiger acid finish 

Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art



mini-bone  + Gesi

Plexi-Kush  4Plex

KUSH with Four Plexi pre-amps in front.

All 3 sections are now independent.

From round and sweet clean to filthy filth. All with harmonically rich amp-like punch / tone

You will love the boost on it's own.


Kush has long been my Bassman in a box.

Clean boost / Overdrive

A very natural and powerful tone enhancer.

The gain takes it from clean boost to overdrive. Perfect for naturally driving a tube amp.

Tone can add or subtract high end.  


The mega Tornita

Rotary cap switches roll through 72 combinations.

4 Tranny combinations:

Si/Si  Ge/Ge  Ge/Si  Si/Ge

Now featuring a feedback gate switch and Gain control.

Copper Penny




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Bone MachineGTx


Twin Plexi Pre-amps

Many applications

Perfect in front of a master vol amp or pairing with your favorite OD's

Adapter only

Tornita! KS2


KUSH with two Plexi pre-amps in front.

Discreet FET design

Wide range of gain

Authentic British Valve punch into

Adapter only for the PK


The Copper Penny joined with a Hi and Lo Plexi Pre-amp

More info soon


Plexi-Kush  4Plex


Black Rain acid finish +10




Like Fuzz faces?

Here's the most versatile Face in the world.

I       6 way rotary input

II      6 way rotary gain structure

Rotary cap switches roll through 72 combinations.

Vol, Gain, Bias

Meticulously selected transistors

4 Tranny combinations:

Si/Si  Ge/Ge  Ge/Si  Si/Ge

Standard Θ 9V adapter ( not chainable) or battery operation

Copper Penny

All Germanium Overdrive /Fuzz

designed for beautiful full range dirt that will melt into a Master Volume amp without the common  "Hiss"

Great into a cleaner one too. Go figure.

Like to ride your volume?  Let's party.

Best matched with single coils