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Dweezil Zappa talks about Tornita and the Rotobone

Tornita KS2

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Rotobone Dual G

Designed with PTD.  Available everywhere J. Rockett Hooligan


Andy Summers talks about the Rotobone

Handmade Sonic Art

I have had such a blast over the last 10 years. Can't thank you enough.
I sincerely apologize to the folks that listed with me and thought I forgot you.
There was no way for me to update / keep in touch and run the biz. 
I always stated
"current lead time is"  but this was always interpreted as
"your lead time will be"   Carving everything by hand and careing about every one equally, running everything, no accurate way to estimate that.

I will still be contacting everyone listed but with my new Made in USA prefab enclosures.
I will finish the current "Bench list" then it will be prefab only. That will move things at a consistent pace and end pre-payment.

 Please read about the future of PTD below