Love and appreciate you fellow guitar players / musicians.
I am flattered by the interest, support I've had over the years.
I know you have a million pedal options out there. These are
great times for players.

List:  Currently in Jan 2015 *

* The only thing that makes sense today is to drop the list, sell
first come, first serve. Here on my site / Reverb etc....when I have
them ready like most manufactureres. Or bust. No list.
Personal 1 on 1 lifetime service handled immediately on all sales
will never change.

It takes too much building time
The more people I list, the more resentment and questions I will
incur as I will never get to them.  
I know people will feel betrayed. A shit load of people going back 3 years. People that might swear off anything PTD forever / or
have already.
I'm used to leaving money on the table. Fucking good at it I am.

The amount of communication I do with folks that may never
become customers or will only flip the pedals for profit is crazy.
People who listed in Nov. 2017 that are on me for an estimate now,
contacting people from years ago with no response. 
Listing is a BUST if you can't get to people in a timely manner.
I cannot.

Hard to say no. People asking to list feels good.
Especially hard to say no to brothers and sisters of other another mother.
You my fellow musicians.


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