I truly appreciate your interest, support, patience.

Starting JAN 2018
My apologies, I will no longer ship outside the US. Time, stress,
customs, the inability for simple service. All factors in this decision. 
I will eventually find a dealer for overseas sales.

It will be 
Prefab Enclosure Only from here.
If you don't see a model in prefab enclosure on this page, it is not available. As of today everything is still selected, hand wired PTP by me.

Q:  Will you be going down the list?

A:  Yes.   In Jan 2015 now.

Q: Any estimate on when my name will come up,
when my pedal will be ready, when you'll make another  ________?

I don't estimate anything. I'm not good at it.



Rotobone Dual G

Tornita KS2


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