Happy 2018 to you!    Appreciate your interest, support, patience.

Starting JAN 2018  I will no longer ship outside the US. Time, stress,
customs, the inability for simple service. All factors in this decision. 

Q:  Will you be going down the list?

A:  Yes.   In Jan 2015 now. It will be Prefab EnclosureOnly from here.
If you don't see a model in prefab enclosure on this page, it is not available. As of today everything is still hand wired PTP built by me.

Any hand finish / custom stuff from here on will be at my leisure and sold first come, first serve, on this site or Reverb etc................Forcing it doesn't work.

Q: Any estimate on when my name will come up,
when my pedal will be ready, when you'll make another?

A:  No.
Rule #1 for a happy life. (besides a happy wife)
Don't estimate anything. I have other things I work aside from pedals and I'm going to find the mix that keeps me runnin'


Tornita KS2

 My art gallery

Designed with PTD.  Available everywhere J. Rockett Hooligan

Paul Trombetta Design

        Handmade Sonic Art


Handmade Sonic Art

Andy Summers talks about the Rotobone  http://www.guitarmoderne.com/pioneer/the-andy-summers-interview#more-2759

Rotobone Dual G

 Please read about the future of PTD below

Dweezil Zappa talks about Tornita and the Rotobone