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        Handmade Sonic Art


All PTD pedals have a limited lifetime warranty. My name is on it. I'll take care of you till I take my last breath.

If your PTD pedal is ever in need of service, It will be repaired and shipped within one week.

Footswitches are warranted for two years from purchase date but always repaired for cost only beyond that. 

On the bench  5/19

Currently working orders from Jan 2015

All hand finishes discontinued

These customers ordered Jan 2015 and recently made payment.

Please see Home page for the future of PTD. 

I know you must be saying "What the F' is goin on"? 

When I had my little breakdown last July, I started working with a couple people doing acoustic stuff as well as more electric projects. Things have just snowballed and I'll probably end up with 80-90 gigs this year.

Just like you, I love playing. And it took on a life of it's own at just the right time for me. I just could not carve on a daily basis anymore. I'd get down to the final details and muff it. I have never sold blems of any kind. That's not what you signed up for.

This group will be my best work and also the final hand finishes as you know.  It pains me greatly to make you wait. I hit the shop every spare minute. I hope my apology is enough.

This is not how it should go and I'm sure I've tainted the reputation I worked very hard to built for 10 years.

I dream of "NO money up front" Just selling when I have stock built up and that day is coming very soon.

JVJ Ship Hold Requested

BG   Velocitine BR  80%      Plexi-Kush BR  80% **************************Ships Tuesday

RT   Rotobone  BT 20%

Dr. AM  RotoPlex custom carve  "D**aaa**r   blackened   20%       Tornita KS2     blackened  20%

AV            BMGTx BR   20%         

VHK     Rotobone 10%

WCC       Rotobone BR cust carve 10%

JS       RotoPlex  10%            Rotobone  Straight Mercury  10%

JJ      Rotobone  std   10%            CopperPenny  std    40%

JS           Rotobone std

SF    Velocitine std     

KM         Tornita KS2 OMM   10%             PlexiBender  MK1.8V  RotoFace

XD    Tornita KS2                     *  Last Hand Finish KS2

SH           * Final Velocitine   OMM top      RotoPlex OMM top   * Final Rotoplex 

PL   RotoFace BR  

DDV           Rotobone w/ Retro Space Art       *  Last Hand Finish Roto

CU   mini + Gesi BT                  * Last Hand Finish mini

MR   BNGTx Blackened          *Last Hand Finish GTx

DS  Copper Penny  BT  Last CP*    RotoFace Merc   Final RF till Prefab*

End of Hand Finish